IPO Smart 1000 - Cutting Compound

IPO’s Smart Series utilizes their unique abrasive system, called Xact NanoSpheres. These precisely milled nanoparticles are perfectly spherical and provide a smoother abrasive effect, eliminating buffing and holographical swirls during the compounding process.

The result, across the SMART SERIES, is a faster blemish free, deeper clearer gloss with the smoothest finish. Other benefits are that they produce virtually no dust, have outstanding lubricity and working time and are so easy to remove with no mess. SMART COMPOUNDS genuinely remove scratches and do not contain fillers or silcones that only hide imperfections.

By combining the IPO SMART products with their corresponding IPO SMART BUFFING PAD, you will experience a new chapter in paint correction. Precision Technology that Genuinely Works.


  • Use for #1000 to #2500 sanding marks
  • Rapid Scratch Removal
  • No Swirls or Holograms
  • No Fillers or Silicones
  • Produces a Deeper, Clearer Coloured Gloss
  • No Dust. Easy Rub Out.
  • Pair with BFSM801 Cutting Pad

Code: SM1000-1