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It’s not about us

It’s about you, your customers and our ability to provide the latest high technologyceramic surface coating at a competitive price that’s geared to grow your bottom line.
Secondly, as the world’s best practice surface coating, it’s designed not only for compatibility with vehicle manufacturer’s paint in a today’s world, but also to mitigate against risks associated with average product performance that can lead to customer disappointment, complaints and ultimately reputational CSI damage to the dealership.

Your customers can expect the best

Amazing glass, silk finish, water beading, durability, environmental resilience, stain resistance, abrasion tolerance.
  • Highest performing Nano Ceramic Surface Coating containing Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and Silicon Carbide (SiC)
  • Lifetime Protection with one application
  • The most “In Demand” paint protection formula in Australia
  • Guarantee against paint oxidation
  • Stringent manufacturing process under pharmaceutical conditions
  • Certified to meet Boeing D6-17487 specification
  • 9h out of 10h (Diamond) rating on the Mineral Ordinance Hardness Scale (MOHS)
  • 4x harder than Quartz based coatings

We can make a difference

Lower Costs, Better Penetration, Higher Profits.
  • The most durable Nano Ceramic Coatings available
  • Easy product application
  • Reduced warranty claims
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Seamless implementation to your brand
  • Nationwide Training, Support and Distribution
  • OH&S compliance & GHS documentation
  • Monthly usage and spend reporting

High Performance Ceramic Coatings

  • Paint surface coating is so outstanding that it’s been certified to meet Boeing D6-17487 specification
  • Abrasion resistant properties
  • Helps prevent permanent damage caused by water marks and sunscreen
  • Revolutionary high gloss finish
  • Resists extremely high temperatures
  • Reduces vehicle maintenance
  • Keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer
  • Protects against damage caused by common environmental contaminants
  • UV inhibitors prevent UV induced discolouration and fading
  • Professionally applied
  • Backed by a National lifetime warranty*

*Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

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