Lensklear Headlight Restoration Wipes

Gone are the days where restoring a headlight meant 2-3 grades of sandpaper, cutting compounds, buff machines and at least 45 minutes. Lensklear is the future headlight restoration with no effort required and cutting time down to two minutes flat, making it a perfect revenue raiser for roadworthy mechanics and even hand car washes.

One Lensklear kit is made up of three wipes. Two cleaning wipes (one for each lens) and one UV coating wipe. The cleaning wipe is used to de-oxidise, remove road grime and extract all yellowing from the plastic. The solution from the cleaning wipe then needs to be removed by using some paper towel or cloth. The next wipe is our UV protective coating which is lightly applied to both headlights leaving them with a beautiful shine and creating a new UV protective layer to prevent the lenses from oxidising again.

Code: LENS-20