Power Klene TFR PreSoak

Power Klene TFR (Traffic Film Remover) is an Automatic Presoak for Touchless or Friction applications. Low caustic levels and specific surfactant technology makes this Presoak very effective in removing that thin layer of traffic film.

Power Klene TFR uses nonionic detergent technology to reverse the polarity of soils on the vehicles surface. This unique formulation combiness alkaline and solvent blends to rapidly penetrate and break down soils and complex surfactants to suspend and prevent redeposition. This very sophisticated formula is relatively low in alkalinity compared to many high caustic presoaks on the market. This provides peace of mind by not damaging aluminium, rubber or plastic trims on vehicles. It is also very effective as a wheel cleaner in removing heavy brake dust deposits. Fully biodegradable. Available in 20L and 200L drums.