Our Franchise Concept

Our concept is simple. You have an exclusive territory and a purpose built vehicle that is your mobile one stop shop. Your aim is to build up your customer base that you visit on a regular basis to take their repeat orders. To gain customers you call on them and invite them onto your mobile one stop shop where you can show them your product range or demonstrate your products to them. No delivery charge, no minimum order, instant delivery – a genuine one-stop shop.

Our Commitment to You

Auto Klene know from experience that the more sales and business support that we can give you the quicker you become profitable. Without sales you have no business so in addition to our quality products, Auto Klene invest heavily in your sales training both in the field and in the classroom. We will continue to make sure that our franchisees are the best trained and highly knowledgeable in all facets of sales and products and are attuned to the requirements of our customers' needs in order to better deliver a higher level of service and satisfaction to our customers.

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